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Aerial videography, photography and data collection for a variety of industries.

  • Birds Eye Aerial Drones, LLC
  • Scott Painter
  • La Mesa, California 91942
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  • California Limited Liability Partnership Business License #201430210126
  • La Mesa License #022414
  • UAS Remote Pilot License #3969230

Birds Eye Aerial Drones, LLC, helping YOU reach NEW HEIGHTS with AERIAL IMAGERY

Birds Eye Aerial Drones, LLC is San Diego, CA based and specializes in aerial photography, videography, video documentation, mapping and inspections for the Energy & Utilities, Construction and other industries. Utilizing state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs). We provide a true start to finish solution, from flight planning and aerial imagery and data capture, to advanced processing and analytics enabling our clients to get the most value out of their investment.

Whether you are looking for a professional drone team to handle your data imagery or acquisition needs, or a complete end to end solutions provider, the dedicated teams at Birds Eye Aerial Drones, LLC are here to help.

At Birds Eye Aerial Drones, LLC we demonstrate our Experience, Expertise and Equity, along with exercising sound judgment and strict flight discipline every day with every flight. We are responsible aviation professionals who pilot our growing fleet of Small Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). We provide our clients with start to finish solutions by acquiring, processing, and delivering professional birds eye aerial imagery and data.


FAA Registered Aircraft

N869SP  ~  N500SP  ~  N848SP  ~  N599SP  ~ N267SP


  • 541360 Aerial gathering of geophysical data for surveying and mapping
  • 541922 Aerial Commercial Photography
  • 541370 Surveying and Mapping
  • 711510  Cinematographers, independent ~ Journalists, independent (freelance)
  • 541990 All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • 541430 Graphic Design Services
  • 541690 Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
  • 512110 Motion Picture and Video Production



The Possibilities are as High as You can Reach


Aerial Photography Audio-Visual Production, Advertising, Arts:

  • Flight operations relative to the production of aerial imagery for educational & publicity & informational purposes.


  • 7335           Commercial Photography
  • 73359901  Aerial photography
  • 73890801 Mapmaking Or Drafting, Including Aerial


SIN Schedule 541 Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS)

  • SIN 541-4B Video/Film Production Services
  • SIN 541-4E Commercial Photography Services
  • SIN 541-4F Commercial Art and Graphic Design Services
  • SIN 541-1000 Other Direct Costs (ODCs)


  • 1550  Drones Unmanned Aircraft
  • PSC: T009 Photo/Map/Print/Publication - Aerial Photographic
  • PSC: T015  Photo/Map/Print/Publication - General Photographic: Motion

Professional Audio/Video Services NEC

  • Schedule 899 Environmental Services
  • SIN 899-7 Geographic Information Services (GIS)
    • Mapping ~ Ortho ~ DSM ~ DEL ~ FLIR
    • Natural Resource Planning
    • Site Selection
    • Emergency Preparedness Planning
    • Geologic Logs, Topographic Data, 3D/4D Interactive Visualization Packages
    • Data Interpretation

Agriculture, Fishery/Pisciculture, Forestry:

  • Flight operations relative to farming (crop cultivation & livestock breeding), inshore & offshore fishing, fish farming, tree cultivation.

Cinema & TV Industry:

  • Flight operations relative to the production of aerial imagery for educational & publicity purpose, and flight operations for artistic expression.

Construction & Real Estate:

  • Flight operations for various purposes relative to all phases of construction & related promotional & sales activities. All applications, except maintenance.

Natural Environment and Wildlife Protection

  • Flight operations carried out with the purpose to contribute to maintaining or restoring the quality of the natural environment and protecting wildlife.

Flight Training/Instruction:

  • Flight operations conducted by flight schools for the purpose of training/instruction of drone pilots (Duo & Solo Flights), qualification verification of pilot license holder (Check Flights) and flights conducted to maintain pilot competence.

Heritage Site & Historical Monument Management:

  • Flight operations (incl. maintenance) relative to the conservation & documentation of historical sites & monuments.

Humanitarian Aid:

  • Flight operations carried out within the context of natural & man-made disasters by or for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with the purpose to assist people in need.

Insurance (Accident & Claim Investigation):

  • Flight operations by or for insurance companies.


  • Flight operations conducted for maintenance purposes [of aircraft (hull), antennae, breakwaters, bridges, buildings (internally & externally), cable cars, canals & locks, chimneys, cooling towers, dams, dikes, flare stacks, harbors, holding tanks, houses & buildings (thermal isolation mapping), industrial installations (.e.g. powerplants; refineries), infrastructure, objects, pipelines, powerlines & pylons, quarries, railway cars, railway overhead power lines, railway tracks, rivers, roads & highways, roofs, runways, ships, shipping locks, ski slopes, solar farms, structures (incl. offshore platforms), tunnels, wind turbines].

Mining & Exploration:

  • Flight operations related to exploration (incl. oil & gas), mining and quarry exploitation. All applications, except maintenance.

Miscellaneous - Demonstration:

  • Flight operations conducted for regulatory (certification) authorities or potential customers.

News Gathering & Broadcasting:

  • Flight operations carried out for journalistic purposes.

Policy Compliance & Obtaining Legal Proof:

  • Flight missions conducted to verify compliance with specific government policies and/or to obtain specific legal proof of non-compliance.

Public Safety:

  • Flight operations conducted by or for civil protection/defense, emergency services, fire brigades & firefighting services, public services, rescue services and utility companies, relative to safety of the public.

Public Security & Law Enforcement:

  • Flight operations conducted by or for municipal, regional or state police, border guards, coast guard, custom authorities, harbor authorities.

Remote Operations - Sensing:

  • Flight operations with drones equipped with imaging & non-imaging payloads for remote sensing purposes other than indicated in this list.

Remote Operations - Non-Sensing:

  • Flight operations with drones equipped with non-imaging payloads, or without any payload, for specific purposes other than indicated in this list.

Research & Science:

  • Flight operations conducted for private or public research or scientific purposes. Includes flight operations carried out for testing, experimentation, or validation of new concepts and/or technologies for company internal assessment purposes.

Utility Companies (Public & Private):

  • Corporate entity or governmental agency performing a public service subject to governmental regulation (communications, gas, railways, transportation, water). All applications, except maintenance.


  • Towing publicity banners.

Aerial Acrobatics & Special Effects:

  • For the cinema & TV industry and for public entertainment purposes.

Aerial Photography & Film/Video Footage:

  • Production of aerial photography & film/video footage to produce documentaries, advertisements/video clips, printed publications or news broadcasting (news illustration purposes on television).


  • Flight operation with the purpose to chase animals (e.g. birds) from specific sites.


  • Aerial distribution of solids (e.g. fertilizer, granulates, insects, pamphlets, pellets, seeds, other).


  • The act of searching the earth’s surface & subsurface with the intent of finding minerals, oil, etc.


  • The process of recognizing as being a certain person or thing or activity.


  • Examination with the intent to find faults, errors, problems, malfunctions or specific phenomena.


  • Supplying the geographical coordinates of activities, faults, errors, malfunctions, equipment, structures, persons, livestock or specific phenomena.


  • Process of creating a diagrammatic representation (incl. 3D modelling).


  • The modification of a direction or position, or the displacement, of an inert object.


  • The process of measuring using a standard.


  • Observation on a regular basis over a period of time.


  • Examination of an activity, person, group, area or phenomena.


  • Searching for a specific activity, person, group or phenomena in each geographical area on a regular basis.

Relief Flight:

  • Flight carried out for humanitarian purposes to carry relief supplies such as food, clothing, shelter, medical and other items during or after an emergency and/or disaster.

Search & Rescue:

  • Looking for missing persons.


  • Looking for & analyzing or defining the geographical coordinates of phenomena & transmitting or registering them.

Sky Painting:

  • Flights carried out by drones equipped with distinct types of lighting and/or smoke generating devices to create an aerial spectacle.

Sky Writing:

  • Flight carried out to create an aerial written message using smoke generated on the aircraft involved. A computer can generate the master plan and electronic signals can control the smoke output.

Special Purpose:

  • Flights serving a specific purpose [e.g. communication & WIFI relay; (tethered) aerial electricity generation].


  • Looking for an activity, object, person, group or phenomena & registering their geographical coordinates.


  • The process of spreading liquid substances [e.g. insecticide, fertilizer].


  • Close observation of an activity, person, group, area or phenomena.


  • Detailed inspection of a Geo-referenced section of the earth’s surface (incl. structures) with the purpose to study or measure altitudes, angles, distances, phenomena & structures flown over, and recording them.


  • Ascertaining a capability or correct functioning.


  • The process of following something or someone.

Transport - Goods:

  • Flight carried out for the carriage & delivery of goods.


  • Confirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence that the particular requirements for a specific intended use are fulfilled.

Water Bombing:

  • Flight carried out to discharge copious quantities of liquid on a fire with the intent to extinguish it or stop it from spreading.