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US4K Dreaming of Aloha 2017 Aerial Videography


Urban Surf 4 Kids Dreaming of Aloha 2017 Video Production


US4K Mission:

Urban Surf 4 Kids is a unique outreach organization that works with orphan and foster kids. Using water sports as a catalyst, we teach kids how to first have fun and then give back to their communities and neighborhoods through local service projects.

Urban Surf 4 Kids‘ Dreaming of Aloha Achievement Program is a chance for our youth to experience and be engulfed in the surf mecca of the world. Hawaii is a magical place that we get to share with a group of kids that earn an opportunity to participate in this unique program through community service, good behavior in their programs, maintaining good grades, and more.


Dreaming of Aloha 2017 Trip

It’s not just a trip to Hawaii, it’s a chance of a lifetime to connect with youth in similar situations and similar life challenges, an opportunity to volunteer with Mauli Ola Foundation for a day, a non-profit dedicated to serving youth with Cystic Fibrosis. It’s a chance to participate in the opening of the Eddie Aikau ceremonies, learn more about Hawaiian culture, and so many things that can’t be put into words.


They’ve Earned It!

Who gets to go on this trip? Well, deserving foster kids, that’s who. The kids chosen to attend this once-in-a-lifetime trip are kids who have who have met a goal. All year they have volunteered, done community service, written essays and the like. This trip is an opportunity for these kids to grow, love, and feel like part of the US4K ‘ohana (family).


Full-Service Video Production

Birds Eye Aerial Drones was pleased to donate our services to US4K for the year of 2017. Near the end of the year, we were honored with the invitation to join the US4K ‘ohana on their week-long Oahu trip. A two-man crew joined the group to document each step of the journey. Once home, our team provided video editing in order to produce a marketing video to help US4K spread the message of their loving, caring ‘Ohana!


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