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Implement our Utility UAS Imaging solutions to help take your projects and operations to new heights. Tell us about your project.

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Who Do We Serve
with our Utility UAS Services?

Are you a Water, Energy or Telecommunications company?

Are you a Prime Contractor for one of the above?

Looking to meet minority or diversity goals?

If yes, then you are the type of client we support with our utility UAS imaging services.

Who are we?

Birds Eye Aerial Drones is a 4-year old company founded by Scott Painter. Scott is a 24-year retired Navy Chief with 30 years industry experience. We support your operations from beginning to end with money and time-saving technology. Additionally, we hold the following current certifications: SDVOSB/SB/DVBE/SLBE/SBE/CPUC Clearinghouse and ISNetworld registered.

How Can Utility UAS Imaging Services Help You?

Help to ensure your project’s timeline and budget by implementing utility UAS imaging into your workflow. Of course, we’re here to support your projects and operations from concept to completion.


  • Increase your current operational capabilities without adding to your bottom line
  • UAS imaging can complement your current capabilities
  • Get the job done quickly and efficiently
  • Utilize cutting-edge technology
  • Common-sense applications to help implement new UAS technology
  • Save time and money
  • Mitigate safety and environmental concerns
  • Easy on-call or contract billing structure makes it easy to leverage our professional utility UAS imaging services

Utility UAS Imaging Services

On-Going Monitoring and Inspections
of Assets and Infrastructure

Consequently, if on-going monitoring and inspections are what you need, we have got just the right team and aircraft to handle this for you. Whether you need weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly intervals we can set up a plan that fits your requirements.

We support the following with on-going utility UAS inspection imagery:

  • Gas and electric entities with gas and power lines corridors, supporting infrastructure and vegetation encroachment
  • Water utilities with tanks, dams, reservoirs, storm water management and waterways
  • Communications companies with cell towers and other supporting infrastructure
  • Alternative energy companies with solar fields and wind turbines

Sustainability Factor

Not surprisingly, UAS are a far more sustainable addition to your processes than traditional means. In one hour a manned helicopter burns aprox 100 lbs of fuel/hour. In comparison, our UAS burn 0 lbs, as they are electric. Let’s take into consideration a 12-month project requiring a monthly aerial inspection. In total, the manned craft would’ve burned 1200 lbs of fuel creating 22,578 lbs of carbon emissions. To emphisize, the drone created no emissions. Bucket trucks and cranes also create CO2 while on the job, UAS create none. If your keeping track of the sustainability score board, that’s UAS 3, Traditional Equipment 0.

Utility UAS Imaging Client Use Case
Aerial Inspection

One of our clients uses our utility UAS imaging to augment their existing UAS division. We capture inspection imagery which would otherwise have to be done via a helicopter. With our utility UAS imaging we are able to afford a significant cost and time savings over manned aircraft. We are also able to mitigate both environmental and personnel safety concerns.

Utility UAS Imaging In A Nutshell

Would you like to:

  • Save time and money?
  • Mitigate safety and environmental concerns?
  • Add additional tools to your tool kit without the cost of the supporting infrastructure?
  • Monitor and inspect your assets cost-effectively?
  • Get the job done quickly and efficiently?
  • Implement cutting-edge technology?
  • Obtain usable high resolution aerial imagery and interactive data?
  • Meet your diversity and set-aside goals?
  • Set your company apart when submitting RFQs or bidding for contracts?
  • Have flexible billing?

If your answer to any of the above is “Yes!” then leverage our professional utilities aerial imaging services to help take your projects to new heights.

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About Birds Eye Aerial Drones


First and foremost, BEAD is an SDVOSB company providing turnkey aerial imaging solutions and consulting to help you improve your ROI. For example, do you require actionable aerial data for mapping & environmental monitoring? Perhaps aerial imagery for the entertainment, AEC, utility or communications industry? In fact, we’ve got just the right solution to meet your needs.

Above all, we observe all local, state & federal flight safety regulations, as applicable and are $10M insured.


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