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Are you an architectural firm or a luxury realtor? If so, our real estate drone (Unmanned Aerial System, UAS) can help take your projects to new heights.

Here’s how…

Architecture Real Estate Drone

Welcome to architects and architectural firms looking to highlight new construction or document the complete start-to-finish building process. Ordinarily, your tools for getting this done would be traditional photography. Or perhaps, to obtain aerial views, hiring a manned aircraft. However, with UAS technology becoming more affordable and dependable our real estate drone is just the right fit. Is your project a picturesque single-family home or a large-scale commercial build? If so, feature your one-of-a-kind custom construction via real estate drone aerial photography.

We support your plans, from start to finish. Gain a competitive edge. By implementing UAS into your land survey and inspections, pre and post-construction videos, mapping, time lapse, impressive marketing pictures and more, all from an aerial view. In other words, stunning drone imagery can be the keystone in both your planning as well as your marketing and advertising strategy.

Real Estate Drone for Brokers and Realtors

Are you a commercial or luxury realtor? Set yourself apart, by showing your clientele that you employ the hottest technology to get your listings SOLD. To demonstrate, use our aerial real estate drone to create a marketing campaign from a bird’s eye view! Give your property listing the cutting edge.

To this end, we produce visual tours like no other, using aerial videos and pictures. Together with branding, music and voice over, you’ll have a completely unique marketing piece. For example, we’ll use our real estate drone to show potential buyers an aerial view of the property. Including roof quality, property features and boundaries tells a complete story. At the same time, we can give interested buyers an aerial tour of surrounding highlights and neighborhood features, such as community pools, tennis courts and parks.

What else can we highlight using our real estate drone?

For example…
Do you have marinas or beaches nearby?

Does it have expansive views?

Is it part of a golf course development?

Does it have an expansive ranch, stable and riding trails to highlight?

Would your property listing a community in and of itself?

Let us take your listing to NEW HEIGHTS and tell the story that will get your property SOLD!

Can your listing be filmed via drone?

Best Real Estate Drone Photographers in San Diego
Best Real Estate
Photographers in
San Diego

Wiether you are an architectural firm or a luxury realtor, our real estate drone can help take your projects to new heights.

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About Birds Eye Aerial Drones


First and foremost, BEAD is an SDVOSB company providing turnkey aerial imaging solutions and consulting to help you improve your ROI. For example, do you require actionable aerial data for mapping & environmental monitoring? Perhaps aerial imagery for the entertainment, AEC, utility or communications industry? In fact, we’ve got just the right solution to meet your needs.

Above all, we observe all local, state & federal flight safety regulations, as applicable and are $10M insured.


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