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Film & Television Aerial Cinematography


Film & Television Aerial Cinematography

Storytelling is the most important part of film making. The use of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), otherwise known as drones, has revolutionized the way movies are made today. Cost prohibitive or technically impossible shots are now an option. The only limit is the imagination. In film and television aerial cinematography, the director’s vision guides our approach. The goal? Capturing the perfect shot.

Stunning Aerial Cinematography Visuals

Our teams of pilots, DP’s, camera operators, safety observers and technicians work hand-in-hand with your directors and DP’s to achieve smooth, cinematic, aerial views. We accomplish this safely and with more flexibility and options than traditional platforms; such as cranes, large vehicles, cable cam systems and helicopters. Our crew is focused on creating stunning aerial visuals for use in your story telling.

At Birds Eye Aerial Drones, we have years of industry experience putting drone technology to use for cinematic and commercial applications.

Pre-Production and Scouting

Beyond film and television aerial cinematography, UAS’s can be used to help you find, visualize and plan your shots. Additionally, our drones can replicate the same move over and over again via GPS, visual tracking and other sensors. This is especially helpful for pre-production or ‘setting the stage’ for an alternate filming method.

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About Birds Eye Aerial Drones


First and foremost, BEAD is an SDVOSB company providing turnkey aerial imaging solutions and consulting to help you improve your ROI. For example, do you require actionable aerial data for mapping & environmental monitoring? Perhaps aerial imagery for the entertainment, AEC, utility or communications industry? In fact, we’ve got just the right solution to meet your needs.

Above all, we observe all local, state & federal flight safety regulations, as applicable and are $10M insured.


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