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Who Do We Serve with our
Environmental Protection Aerial View Services?

Are you an environmental, construction or engineering company?

Are you a Prime Contractor for one of the above?

Is your company submitting an RFQ or bid for a contract which calls for environmental monitoring or mapping?

Would the information be better captured via aerial view?

Looking to meet minority or diversity goals?

If yes, then you are the type of client we support with our environmental protection aerial view services.

If your answer to any of the above is “Yes!” then leverage our professional Environmental Protection Aerial View services to help take your projects and operations to new heights.

How Can Environmental Protection
Aerial View Services Help You?

We are here to support your environmental protection and monitoring projects from concept to completion.


  • We provide aerial support services every step of the way
  • Increase your current operational capabilities without adding to your bottom line
  • UAS imaging can complement your current operational capabilities
  • Get the job done quickly and efficiently
  • Utilize cutting-edge technology
  • Common-sense applications to help implement new UAS technology
  • Save time and money
  • Easy on-call or contract billing structure makes it easy to leverage our professional utility UAS imaging services
  • Mitigate safety and environmental concerns

Environmental Aerial View Services

Our team of knowledgeable staff and flight crew can help you to custom tailor an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) solution to suit your needs.
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Environmental Monitoring, Mapping And Surveying
  • Full-Service GIS Mapping
  • Time-Lapse And Aerial View Photography And Videography
  • Recurring Environmental Protection Aerial Views Monitoring
  • Consulting as it relates to UAS environmental support

On-Going ‘Area of Concern’ Monitoring and Inspections

Whether you need weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly intervals we can set up a plan that fits your requirements. Ongoing monitoring and inspection via environmental protection aerial view imaging is useful for the following activities:
  • Shoreline erosion monitoring
  • Habitat restoration
  • Vegetation encroachment
  • Habitat Surveys
  • Area Mapping and DEM

UAS Sustainability

Obtaining aerial views via UAS is a far more sustainable addition to your site than traditional means. In one hour a manned helicopter burns aprox 100 lbs of fuel/hour. In comparison, our UAS burn 0 lbs, as they are electric. Let’s take into consideration a 24-month shoreline erosion project requiring monthly aerial view inspection. In total, the manned craft would have burned 2,400 lbs of fuel creating 45,156 lbs of carbon emissions. To highlight, the drone created no emissions. How about a 12-month species inventory monitoring project. Traditionally, a team of biologists might survey the species on foot. This requires repeating foot-traffic disruption to the surrounding environment. The same inspection performed via UAS creates none. If your keeping track of the sustainability score board, that’s UAS 2, Traditional Equipment 0.

Environmental Protection Aerial
Views Client Use Cases

Aerial Inspection

Using our aerial imaging as part of their bid submission, one of our clients, won the city contract for bridge work. Using sustainable environmental protection aerial views we captured the required inspection imagery. Traditionally this would be done with a bucket truck hanging over the bridge, risking human safety. With our aerial inspection imagery, we were able to pass along a significant cost and time savings, as well as mitigate both environmental and personnel safety concerns.

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Aerial Mapping

One of our Landscape Architect Companies had a landscape restructuring project. The goal was to restore the surrounding habitat and native plantings. They needed an aerial orthomosaic and DEM. The traditional means would have included manned aircraft and boots on the ground. Using our environmental protection aerial views our client enjoyed a significant cost and time savings. All this while protecting the existing sensitive habitat.

Aerial Inspection and Monitoring

One of our educational entity clients employs environmental protection aerial view services to monitor shoreline erosion on Catalina Island. By using UAS technology quarterly, they are able to both obtain high-resolution imagery as well as teach the implementation of cutting-edge technology into the workflow.

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About Birds Eye Aerial Drones


First and foremost, BEAD is an SDVOSB company providing turnkey aerial imaging solutions and consulting to help you improve your ROI. For example, do you require actionable aerial data for mapping & environmental monitoring? Perhaps aerial imagery for the entertainment, AEC, utility or communications industry? In fact, we’ve got just the right solution to meet your needs.

Above all, we observe all local, state & federal flight safety regulations, as applicable and are $10M insured.


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