Aerial Mapping

3D Aerial Mapping, Surveying & INSPECTIONS

To begin with, our goal is to seamlessly implement UAS technology and aerial mapping into your workflow to improve your ROI.

Actionable Aerial Data and Aerial Mapping

From time to time do you require actionable aerial data? For example, aerial data for mapping and agriculture or aerial imagery and video documentation for infrastructure or utilities? If so, we have just the right 100% incident-free, drone team to meet your needs.

Overall, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or drones as some call them, have come a long way. At the present time, different types of UAS are capable of carrying a multitude of payloads. Specifically for aerial mapping and data collection. Of course, these payloads, or sensors, can create very different deliverables. As an illustration, for aerial mapping we can fly rotor or fixed-wing drones. Usually, the deciding factor depends on the size of an area to be mapped. Together with payloads such as RGB cameras, IR, Multi-spectral or LiDAR, varous types of mapping data can be collected. Partner this with our post-processing abilities and our GIS partners, and the deliverables can be implemented into your workflow. Ultimately, you receive aerial mapping applied seamlessly, like a spoke in the wheel vs a cog in the wheel of your workflow.

Aerial Mapping and More From Start to Finish

Basically, we handle it all. Including, mission planning and airspace coordination to post-processing and everything in between. From aerial surveys, certified by a California state surveyor, to post-build marketing imagery, we're there for you.

Of course, we realize that each client and every project is unique. To that end, we at Birds Eye Aerial Drones customize our approach to meet your distinctive needs. Notwithstanding, whether we’re providing leading-edge remote sensing services or color orthomosaic aerial mapping, quality is what sets us apart. Equally important, our flight teams, technicians, project managers and partners consistently deliver products we’re proud to stand behind. To point out, we accomplish this in a number of ways. First, by maintaining an emphasis on our technology. Secondly, following time-tested processes for our data acquisition. Lastly, working with the best industry partners for maintaining post-processing methods. Have an aerial mapping or data collection project in your workflow? Let us take the lead or support your team and take your next project to new heights.

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Industries In Which Aerial Mapping, Inspection and Imagery Can Be Beneficial

Additionally, we offer the below to support your mission

  • Aerial Photography/Videography
  • Aerial Survey
  • Airspace Coordination
  • Mapping & Inspections
  • Flight & Ground Ops Logistics
  • Video Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Thermal Acquisition/Aerial Data
  • Post Processing
  • GIS Services
  • Certified Survey

Now tell us about your project.

Aerial Mapping Golf Course
Aerial Mapping Digital Elevation Model
Aerial Mapping Aerial Survey boundries